Projects - Chlorination

Electrolysis- Chlorination (MaximOS™ Water Disinfection Technology)

MaximOS™ uses a patented and award-winning on-site water disinfection technology that safely and economically generates sodium hypochlorite from just salt, water and power.

MaximOS™ comes in different capacities with unique features such as a self-cleaning electrolytic cell, self-adjusting flow control, remote monitoring. It also provides flexibility to upgrade to the superior mixed-oxidant chemistry.


  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Lower lifecycle cost
  • Small footprint, adaptable and expandable
  • Proven safety record
  • Advanced chemistry


  • Ease of maintenance: self-cleaning system doesn’t require acid washing as a normal maintenance task
  • Improved functionality and human interface: new touch screen display creates a common interface for all Parkson disinfection systems
  • Remote monitoring capability; SCADA-ready
  • Lower lifecycle cost: less maintenance means less labor
  • Durable: less sensitive to contaminants due to self-cleaning capability
  • Adaptable: convertible between mixed oxidant and hypochlorite chemistries with minimal changes
  • Expandable: modular cell packs allow for expansion of chlorine capacity without increasing equipment footprint
  • Superior safety: electrolytic cell is enclosed in HDPE cabinet for maximum safety
  • Quality construction: frame is constructed of powder-coated aluminum with roto-molded HDPE generator panels for corrosion resistance
  • Non-recirculation electrolyte loop to maximize cell module lifetime and performance
All wiring enclosed for maximum safety

On-site Generation Process

  • Design & Engineering
  • PLC Software & SCADA Development
  • Site Erection, Instrument Calibration & Commissioning
  • Fire & Gas Detection Items
  • Training (In Plant & In House)
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Engineering Document Digitization (EDD)
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