Authorized Products for Electrical

Phoenix Contact, Germany

Terminal Blocks & Accessories, Power Supply Units & UPS, Surge Protection Devices, Lightning Monitoring System, Protective Devices, Industrial Relays, PCB Relays, Safety Relays, Current Transducers, Voltage Transducers, Isolating Amplifier, Temperature Transducers, Frequency Transducers, Monitoring Relays & Timer Relays, HMIS & Industrial PCS, Media Convertors, Industrial Switches & Convertors, PLCS, NANO PLCS, Wireless GSM/GPRS Modules, Mounting Material, Printers for Terminal Marking & Cable Marking, Tools for all Electrical Application, Cable Lugs & Ties.


Frequency Inverters, Servo Drives, AC Motors, Servo Motors, Encoders, Axial Gearbox, Right Angle Gearbox, Motor Clutches and Brake.


PCB Relays, Industrial Relays, Relay Interface Modules, Solid State Relays, Safety Relays, Energy Meters, Light Dependent Relays, Movement Detectors, Thermostats, Dimmers, Voltage & Current Monitoring Relays, Multi-function Timers, Delay Timers, Level Relays, Phases Monitoring relays.


Enclosures, Type Tested Panels, Console Systems, Industrial Workstations, Operating Housings, Support Arm Systems, Stainless Steel Enclosures, Outdoor Enclosures, Busbar Systems, Enclosure Coolers, Enclosure Heaters, Fan & Filter units.

Pizzato Elettrica, ITALY

Electrical Push Button & Selector Switches, Limit Switches, Micro Switches, Control Stations, Safety Limit Switches and Relays, Door Safety Sensors
  • Design & Engineering
  • PLC Software & SCADA Development
  • Site Erection, Instrument Calibration & Commissioning
  • Fire & Gas Detection Items
  • Training (In Plant & In House)
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Engineering Document Digitization (EDD)
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